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50563-936-09 Functional Under Shirt

28.54 EUR (28.54 EUR + VAT)
moisture wicking, insulating, quick drying, lightweight, seamless
Manufacturer article number: 50563-936-09-L-XL
Not Rated


  • Light fabric.
  • The efficient moisture wicking properties keep the body dry, reducing the risk of chilling.
  • Quick drying - important to avoid cooling of the body.
  • Fits both men and women thanks to its elasticity.
  • Elastic fabric that fits the body's curves.
  • Seamless product without irritating seams or insewn washing instructions.
Lightweight. Moisture wicking and insulating. Modern fit. Quick drying. Round neck. Suitable for both men and women. High comfort without side seams (sizes: S-XL). Washing Instructions are seamlessly interwoven - to avoid irritating labels.
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  1. Craftsmen and light building Look for this symbol if you work as a carpenter, electrician, painter, engineer, etc.
  2. Light industry and logistics Look for this symbol if you work in industries related to electronics, assembly, production, warehousing or transport.
  3. Building and construction Look for this symbol if you work as a contractor, road worker or with demolition or similar sectors.
  4. Heavy industry Look for this symbol if you work with e.g. metalworking, machinery manufacture or in a foundry.
  5. Offshore and wind sector Look for this symbol if you need safety products for the offshore and wind sector as well as other industries.
Size chart
Measuring chart
  1. Lightweight The symbol indicates that the workwear is light in weight. The garment remains highly durable. You should choose products carrying this symbol if you want durable workwear in a light fabric, for example if you work indoors and/or in hot environments.
  2. Insulating This symbol on clothing indicates that you have a product that helps to keep you warm when the surroundings are cool.
  3. Moisture wicking Most fabrics can absorb sweat, but some materials can do more than that – particularly, transport sweat away from your body so you do not experience wet and cold to your innermost layer. A moisture-wicking innermost layer is crucial.
  4. Quick drying An important characteristic of moisture wicking clothing is that it also dries quickly. If moisture is allowed to remain on the fabric there is the danger that it could freeze and subsequently lead to hypothermia. With the combination of moisture-wicking technology and quick-drying material, you are assured of maximum comfort regardless of your activity level.
  5. Modern fit Most of MASCOT models have a normal, comfortable workwear fit. Recently, we have experienced a higher demand for a slimmer fit. Look for this symbol, if you require clothing to sit a little closer to the body.
  6. Seamless This symbol can be found in clothing without side seams. Such clothing is normally worn as the innermost layer, i.e. garments closest to the body. Clothes without side seams are extra comfortable to wear - there are no seams or sewn-in labels that can annoy or scratch.
  1. 75% polyester/17% polyamide/8% elastane
  2. 170 g/m²
  1. Max. 40° C
  2. Do not bleach
  3. Do not tumble-dry
  4. Do not iron
  5. Do not dry-clean
  1. Knit fabric.
  1. Industrial care category C2
    1. Description Domestic process.
    2. Pro Label No.
    3. Wash process Wash according to ISO 6330. Wash together with similar textiles/colours.
    4. Wash temperature Wash gently < 40ºC.
    5. Wash chemistry Comply to chemical suppliers recommendations for specific textile categories. Avoid use of bleaching agents on coloured textiles. Avoid use of softeners.
    6. Reflective garments pH: Max pH 10, max alkalinity 650 mg/l. Do not use: Alkali boosters, optical brighteners, bleaching agents, detergents that contain free sodium or potassium hydroxide, solvenated surfectants. Avoid use of softeners. Max 20 min. in main wash bath.
    7. Disinfection Clarify between local legislation and chemical supplier.
    8. Drying process Hang dry.
    9. Zippers Close any zippers before washing.
  1. Oeko-Tex standard 100 - Confidence in textiles. Tested for harmful substances.
  1. Oeko-Tex® Standard 100
  1. No liability accepted for product alterations.


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  2. Social and environmental responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility

Raw materials and processing
  • The product is covered by REACH and Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.
  • Produced in China by MASCOT’s audited partners for more than 5 years
Transport and packaging
  • Transported from production to warehouse by transport partners who are ISO 14001-certified
  • Transported in shipments that make maximum use of space
  • The product packaging is made from or contains recycled materials
  • The order from MASCOT is packaged in packaging which is made from or contains recycled materials


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