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Payment, Delivery


Payment Options:

Payment after placing the order via bank transfer. Payment by credit or debit card immediately after placing the order.

  • Please make a bank transfer to the following bank account number: 
    COMPATEAM KFT.    (WISE)            BE70 9671 9516 0225                             (EUR)   SWIFT kód / BIC:  TRWIBEB1XXX
    .    (K&H Bank)    HU09 10400023 50526650 70861005     (EUR)   SWIFT kód / BIC:  OKHBHUHB

  • Bank card payments can be initiated with the following card types: Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron (if authorized by the card issuer)


In the case of card payment, the delivery process of the order starts after the payment transaction is completed. Card payment is made via Teya's secure server, on Teya's payment page, which is automatically displayed after the order has been approved. After entering the required credit card details, the payment is executed by clicking the Payment button. The system sends a confirmation of the payment, then you will be redirected to the web store, where you also receive a confirmation of the payment. If Teya rejects the credit card payment for any reason, the customer can also pay for the order via the link in the confirmation email.

Please note that registration is required to place an order and pay.



We entrust the delivery to the International GLS courier service.

For purchases over 153.86 EUR, the delivery cost is borne by

Courier delivery prices are as follows:

Purchase value                          Shipping cost

Up to 153.85 EUR:                       EUR 11.40 (Gross)

Over  153.86 EUR:                       Free

The ordered products will be delivered to the address you have provided by a courier service. which you can receive on the 5th working day after the product has been sent, if the product was in our warehouse. Therefore, please submit a shipping address where you can pick up your package between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

If necessary, the courier will attempt to deliver the shipment to you twice. If the first delivery is unsuccessful, the courier company will contact you by phone or letter about the date of the next delivery of the shipment.If you have any problems with the delivery, please be sure to let us know.

Our contractual reseller partners are subject to the delivery methods set out in the contract.


Delivery times:

The goods ordered from webshop will be delivered within 5-15 working days on average.

The delivery time always depends on whether the ordered product is in our stock or it needs to be ordered, and whether or not it is available in the manufacturer's stock. Therefore, if you urgently need a product, please inquire by email or phone before placing the order.

If we have all the ordered goods in stock, you can receive the package within a few days. As most of our products come from abroad, occasional slippages or temporary inventory shortages may occur. In these cases, we will always contact you on the phone, so please, provide a telephone number at which we can reach you.

In case you have any further questions about the delivery, please contact our customer service, where our staff is at your disposal.